ECOS LATINOS Visiting Artists


We are currently seeking sponsors, co-producers and funding to bring the following artists to Louisiana:
CHIKO AND ROGERIO, Brazilian Composer/guitarists. See our video at
LATEIROS CURUPIRA, Brazilian percussion group. See our video at

JAVIER CABRERA and the MESEDADES TRIO from Xalapa, Mexico
ANGEL RIOS, Honduran violinist/composer. See our video at
EDIL AVILA, local Louisiana Garifuna percussionists and dancers, from Honduras
ARMANDO IBANEZ, a Mexican American poet/priest with the Southern Dominican Province
JOSE ROBERTO MOREIRA, a Honduran pianist/composer, living in Louisiana,
JAVIER GUTIERREZ, a Bolivian guitarist/composer, living in Louisiana
JOHNNY MARCIA & RUMBA BUENA, a local Louisiana percussionist/ensemble from Honduras
JULIO & CESAR, a local Louisiana singer/guitarist duo from Guatemala
ALEXI GUEVARA, a local Louisiana singer/guitarist/composer from Cuba
JAVIER OLONDO, a local guitarist/composer from Cuba
MARIACHI JALISCO & MEXICO Y SUS RAICES, local Louisiana Folkloric dancers
and other artists who may become available during the year.

We will be documenting the work of VISUAL ARTISTS:
OVIDO GIRON, a Louisiana composer from Guatemala
JOSE FERMIN, a local Louisiana composer from the Dominican Republic

A current listing of Ecos Latinos Live Performances can be found at: