1. EDITUS is a music trio from Costa Rica
2. HECTOR INFANZON QUARTET: Hector Infanzon is a virtuoso jazz pianist from Mexico.
3. CARLOS SANCHEZ is a Spanish flamenco guitarist who lives in New Orleans.
4. MAS MAMONES is a local Latin music group, led by Venezuelan singer, Manuel Lander.
5. ARMANDO IBANEZ is a Mexican American poet, who was born in Alice, Texas.
6. LUIS GALICH is a Guatemalan singer and composer.
7. ORIENTE is an Afro Cuban jazz group from Miami, led by guitarist, Eddy Balzola.
8. JULIO AND CESAR are two brothers from Guatemala. They both play guitar and sing
9. PACO DEL PUERTO is a flamenco dancer from Spain.
10. FERNANDO CASTRO PACHECO is a Mexican painter from the city of Merida.
11. SAN MIGUEL ALLENDE FESTIVAL-annual jazz festival in San Miguel Allende, Mexico.

12. RUBEN GONZALEZ "MR. SALSA"-the Cuban singer who brought Salsa to New Orleans
13. LOS SAGITARIOS is the oldest Latin American music group in New Orleans.
14. TANGO TANGO features, Aqui Argentina and the music and dance of Argentina.
15. MYRA MIER-Cuban dancer/ teacher/choreographer/Director of the Jefferson Ballet Theater
16. LOUISIANA LATINA ARTISTS, Luz Maria Lyles, Theresa Herrera and Haydee Dominici
17.CORREO AEREO-music duo performs traditional music of Venezuela, Mexico & Argentina.
18. ANCESTRO music group is a Louisiana based folkloric acoustic music group.
19. MANUEL OBREGON Costa Rican pianist/composer, Manuel Obregon.
20. JAVIER JUAREZ-Mexican Dancer/choreographer, Javier Juarez & Javier's Dance Company

21. PACO DEL PUERTO IN SPAIN-Flamenco dancer, Paco del Puerto, & his troupe in Spain.
22. JULIAN TOUCEDA, Louisiana Painter & JAVIER GUTIERREZ, LA. singer/guitarist
23. DUO COLIBRI, Guatemalan music duo
24. MARIA PRETIZ, Costa Rican singer/pianist/composer
25. JULIO QUINTANILLA, Mexican painter/ceramist/muralist.
26. CHIKO AND ROGERIO, Brazilian Guiatrist/Composers

This project is supported in part, by a grant from the SOUTHERN ARTS FEDERATION and NATIONAL ENDOWMENT FOR THE ARTS in partnership with the LOUISIANA STATE ARTS COUNCIL & the ARTS COUNCIL OF NEW ORLEANS.