About Us

ECOS LATINOS is a Hispanic Cultural & Performing Arts Series, which
includes a live performance series and a video documentary series.

The live performance series brings Hispanic musicians, dancers,visual artists, etc. from Louisiana and visiting artists from Latin America to perform and exhibit in Louisiana. Visiting artists give educational workshops to students. The program focuses on the positive aspects of Hispanic arts and culture in our community. We document the live performances for television and the internet.
This series has become an ongoing forum for the presentation of works by Hispanic artists in a family setting, without commercial interruptions.

The project director is Guatemalan independent video artist, Carlos Valladares. The administrative duties are handled by Patrice Fisher.

It is our goal to educate the public in our community, through the use
of the media, about the wealth of artistic talent in all of the arts.
We also have a special focus on artists with original works in the
area of Jazz and Latin Jazz.